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A physiologic profile is created for new patients based on functional assessments, lab work, and other testing deemed appropriate by the physician.  The testing and health  questionnaires are completed before the first visit at which time a comprehensive physical and health evaluation are done.  An individualized treatment plan is then developed based on the patient’s goals and physiologic health profile.


Newport Longevity Medical Group has developed several unique, core programs that have a primary focus on several key areas in patient care for:



Treatment options include subsequent office visits, as needed, or extended programs with regular monthly office visits.  At least one hour is reserved for each patient for the initial evaluation and all programs include intensive monitoring and follow up, ongoing patient education, lifestyle coaching, and access to the lead physician’s cell phone.  Patients who live outside of southern California are asked to come in for the initial evaluation, if possible, but can receive the same comprehensive monitoring and follow up by phone, email, etc. Additionally, we have a worldwide network of associate providers, testing centers, and specialized labs and pharmacies.

We do not accept or bill insurance for professional fees, but do provide any necessary documentation for insurance purposes. Lab work and testing costs are handled directly by the service provider.