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About NLMG

Newport Longevity Medical Group is a medical practice specializing in preventive cardiology, functional medicine, and anti-aging medicine. Functional medicine, an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare, analyzes a person’s health on a biochemical level to correct the imbalances that influence optimal health and the onset of disease.  Preventive cardiology is a multi-specialty based program that identifies and manages risk factors for cardiovascular disease.  Anti-aging medicine is a clinical/medical specialty that is aimed at the early detection, treatment, and reversal of age-related decline. Advances in medical technology and scientific knowledge on the biochemistry and physiology of disease and aging have inspired this integrative approach.

The philosophy at Newport Longevity Medical Group is that aging is a treatable disease and that improved functioning and well-being is possible for everyone, as the balance of internal and external factors that affect optimal health is restored.  Board-certified physicians dedicated to the early detection, prevention, and reversal of chronic disease treat underlying causes rather than symptoms. Individualized treatment programs and therapeutic interventions, based on extensive diagnostic assessments, are designed to maximize preventive and reparative health habits and minimize the need for surgery or prescription drugs. Risk factors for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other degenerative conditions are identified in healthy patients before they develop symptoms and managed in patients who are already symptomatic.  The improved health of an individual’s cardiovascular and other organ systems, which exist to support the brain, will help to ensure that an active and productive life is enjoyed throughout a person’s maximum lifespan.