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Cases and Testimonials

Case #1:  45-year-old male money manager


“When I first saw Dr. Lineback to discuss his professional services, I thought I was a healthy 44-year-old, eight-time marathon finisher.  Nonetheless, Dr. Lineback had a protocol for checking out “healthy person” patients, which included a heart scan.  To my surprise, I found there was an issue with my heart.  The good news is that it was discovered before any symptoms, or worse, a heart attack, developed.  Now, through supplements and some behavior modification, we are actively attacking the problem.  This “new school” approach of addressing issues earlier rather than later makes complete sense.”

         Steven Check, Costa Mesa, CA


Case #2:  59-year-old female publisher


“Prior to going to Dr. Lineback, I’d been having frequent palpitations.  Some of these episodes lasted 30 minutes or more, causing terrible anxiety.  Dr. Lineback ordered a coronary CT scan and labs.  The CT showed that my left descending artery had some plaque, indicating early stages of coronary disease, which, thankfully, is treatable.  The labs showed my hormonal levels to be practically non-existent.  I started on bio-identicals and the palpitations stopped immediately.  I am also sleeping again.  The traditional “medicine as usual” attitude of most doctors is no longer acceptable to me, which is why I went to see Dr. Lineback.  He’s proactive, thorough, and really took the time to listen to my concerns.”     

         Diane Fallon, Irvine, CA


Case #3:  53-year-old male real estate developer


“For the past several years, Dr. Lineback has provided me with cutting-edge and holistic medical care. Using diagnostic tests such as the 64- slice heart scan, he pinpointed the areas needing improvement and has treated me in all aspects of my health, including lifestyle modifications and hormone replacement and supplements, as needed.  Since being diagnosed and treated for adrenal insufficiency, my overall health and energy levels have improved dramatically.  My satisfaction and productivity in my personal and professional life has improved markedly as well.  This is science and healthcare that works."

         Ned DeLorme, Newport Beach,CA


Case #4:  57-year-old male entrepreneur


“After suffering a severe ski injury, I underwent surgery on my left shoulder that put me out of commission.  A few months later, I sought treatment at Newport Longevity Medical Group and subsequently started on a program that consisted of a nutritional plan, progressive activity levels, and the replacement of several nutrients and hormones that I was deficient in.  Over the past six months, my shoulder has significantly improved, as have my energy levels.  I am now back on the national racing circuit competing in the masters Alpine FIS events.  I highly recommend Dr. Lineback and his team for those seeking to improve their strength and vitality.”


        Chuck Rock, Aspen, CO